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Luke and DeeDee’s Money Adventures is a 5-book series about two nine-year-old best friends learning important financial lessons about saving, spending, sharing, investing and earning. The books are a fun and easy way to introduce kids to money.

Books in the series:

#1: Grandma's Special Gift (Now Available)

#2: Spending at the Fair (Now Available)

#3: DeeDee’s Present

#4: The Fourth Jar

#5: Caped Crusaders - A Lesson on Giving


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Are you ready to take control of your finances? Does the idea of looking at your bank account and credit card statements make you break into a cold sweat? Do you have goals you want to accomplish? Are money issues quickly getting out of hand and causing you additional stress in all areas of your life? Then Personal Financial Coaching may be what you need to change your current situation. Book a FREE 35 minute consultation with me to determine if my services are right for you.

A well written book that has inspired my 5 yr old to begin saving “like Luke” . It also inspired a conversation about giving with my Kindergartner! Thank you Sammie for this positive representation!

Amazon Customer

I came across this book on my cousin's Facebook page and it captured my attention. I purchased this book for my son because of the valuable lesson it teaches about financial literacy for kids. My son loved the book!!! The illustrations in the book is so eye catching and has a very interactive vibe!

Amazon Customer

This book is a must have for every child. It is a great way to teach kids about money early. The book talks about saving, spending, and sharing. It covers the basics extremely well and gives hints of questions to ask the child for his/her feedback. There was something to learn from each page. Great read!

Amazon Cutsomer


“The greatest gift we can give to our children is to teach them early, how to be responsible with money.”

Sammie C. Joseph-Fredericks


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